Kay Guay Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Industrial Hardware Supply Since 1973.

No. 12, Fushing W. Rd., Chiautou District, Kaohsiung City 825, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Manufacturer of industrial hardware supply since 1973, mainly producing screws, bolts, nuts, insert nuts, T nuts, knock down fittings, allen keys, gliders, rivets, shelf supports, plastic accessories, etc. The market range is throughout south Asia, Middle East, Europe, south America, etc.

Main Products

Manufacturer of industrial hardware supply such as fasteners, machine screw, wood screw, metal sheet screw, self tapping screw, metal sheet screw, micro screw, electronic screw, glide screw, nuts, nylon-insert lock nut, hex flange nut, hex cap nut, dome nut, sleeve nut, barrel nut, insert nut, tube plug, blind nut, wing nut, rivet nut, T nutm, square nut, lug nut, weld nut, cage nut, plate nut, adjustable lock nut, conical nut, clinching nut, brass insert, knock down fittings, connecting bolt, wrench, spring washer, lock washer, spanner, power bit, steel glide, steel leveler, caster, knob, anchor, wall plug, drawer pen holder, protective disk, steel tube, tooth paste glue, flat tempered safty glass, bend tempered safty glass, laminated tempered glass, step glass, shower door, oven door, mask goggle, table top, desktop, bathroom mirror, loghting glass, lampshade, sliding door system, furniture legs, hinge, wall shelf.