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CO2 Systems

co2 systems

  • Model No: 61-AA02 S/M/L
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Size S for thank of 90cm / size M for thank of 120cm / size L for thank of 150cm.
(1) Patented 2-layer impellers, one clockwise rotating and one anticlockwise rotating enable to diffuse CO2 or O3 completely.
(2) Leaking-proof lock design enables to be hang-on tank, submersed in aquarium or linked with a external filter
(3) Stylish device made of special, durable, acid and alkali resistant and toxic-release free plastics.
(4) Innovative design is compatible with diverse tanks, internal or external use.
2. Important notices:
(1) Verify to secure the O-ring of bottom cover at correct position to avoid leaking.
(2)Select proper diffuser size according to aquarium size and flow rate.
(3) In order to devote highest performance of the professional CO2 diffuser, it's requested to use a proper power head to spin impeller at correct speed and dissolve CO2completely. A use of under-power power head will reduce the performance of this device. Adjust to reduce CO2 intake when flow rate is slow to prevent inefficient operation due to accumulation of excess intake CO2.
(4) In case of accumulated CO2 inside chamber due to excess intake CO2 and slow flow rate, it's requested to release accumulated CO2 from chamber first then adjust Co2 inlet to proper intake amount.

Specification :

Upright installation only as per instruction.

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