Ta Toong Wang Machinery Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Piston Rings for ships and machinery.

No.8, Lane 174, Cihde Rd., Dali Dist., Taichung City 41279, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Established in 1971, Ta Toong Wang Machinery Co., Ltd. in the early stage was a minority of manufacturers who produced piston rings for ships and machinery. Initially, the company was named Da Tong Machinery Company and renamed it as "Ta Toong Wang Machinery Co., Ltd." in 1997 due to its expansion in factory buildings and precision equipment. The special-purpose piston rings are mainly applicable to ship master and auxiliary machines, different types of light-duty and heavy-duty machines and hydraulic machinery. These products are also suitable for maintenance and replacement of many famous brand machines.
The accuracy and harness of products reach the international standards. The company is extremely confident of its products to give its clients perfect guarantee and let them worry nothing.

Main Products

we provide piston rings for ships ( boats, machinery), special purpose piston rings.