Exact Machinery Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of CNC Rotary Table, Indexing Table and Auto Pallet Changer (APC).

No. 418, Shueiyuan Rd., Fongyuan Dist., Taichung City 420, Taiwan

Company Introduction

EXACT Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1992. EXACT provides stable and quality goods with extremely precise CNC rotary table, indexing table and auto pallet changer (APC) for lots of demand in machine tools, metal working, high-tech and automotive industries along with sanitary equipment, modern bathroom facilities and domestic appliances all around the world for pass fifteen years. The founder/ President Mr. Lo has been invested more than twenty years experience for rotary table and indexing of technological Research, development and manufacture. EXACT Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional worldwide supplier with a distribution network committed to complete customer satisfaction along with a strong solid technological R/D foundation. EXACT products are offering economical and accurate for position of equipment, inspection, machining parts and various applications with high efficiency. Nowadays, EXACT has been gained the confidence with excellent reputation from all of the exact customers and the Machinery Companies around the world. EXACT will continue to serve the precision goods and application as well as develop and research new products in much high precision range with long life product service to accommodate the strong market demand for all of exact products.

Main Products

Manufacturer of CNC rotary table, CNC multi-spindle rotary tables, two-axis CNC tilting rotary tables, combination manual CNC rotary tables, indexing table and auto pallet changer (APC), CNC hydraulic coupling gear indexing tables, CNC horizontal hydraulic coupling gear index tables, manual tailstocks, auto tailstocks, AC digital individual controller, adapt plate for chuck, servo motors.