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Nylon Yarns

nylon yarns

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  • Factory Location: Taiwan
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Detail Information

Description :

1. SYCL can offer nylon 66 'TACTEL®' "MERYL®" and nylon 6 false textured yarn with various filaments counts and luster. We also offer multi-ply or combined with difference yarn to create for all kinds of fabrics.
2. We used the good material and dyeing inspection on every package to make sure the best quality for our customer.

Specification :

Sherng Yii is a manufacturer which specializes in drawn textured yarn (DTY) for Nylon 66 &6. All textured yarn can be used in Circular Knitting, Warp Knitting, Raschel Knitting, Fancy yarn, Hosiery & weaving. Below is our product for your reference. 1. Nylon 66, MERYL®, 40D/34F-SD, 1&2 ply. 2. Nylon 66, 70D/23F-SD, 1 ply. 3. Nylon 66, 70D/34F-SD, 1 &2 ply. 4. Nylon 66, 70D/46F-TBT, 1&2 ply. 5. Nylon 66, TACTEL®, 70D/68F-SD, 1&2 ply. 6. Nylon 66, TACTEL®, 70D/68F-FD, 1&2 ply. 7. Nylon 6, 70D/72F-SD, 1&2 ply. 8. Above yarn can be combined twist for various ply with any TPM for heavy denier used.

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