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S Type Sewage Pump


  • Model No: s type
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. The flow route for this machine is specially designed. The extraction of mud, dirties, and various waste water can be operate efficiently.
2. Impeller adopted specially materials. It is firm as well as grinding-resistant. Any kinds of dirties and waste water can be easily delivered and extracted.
3. The motor life is long. its crust is not easy to erode because it is covered with stainless steel.

The extraction of water accumulation for the market, the drainage of ranches, pig, pens, and the extraction of dirty & wastewater for the refining and waste water plants. This product can be developed to the maximum.

Specification :

項目口徑50. 80. 100
吸取液 Liquid液溫 Liquid temp.0-40degree C
液質 Liquid nayure生活汙水、雜排水、異物污物水
Waste water drainge for all industries pumping surfoce water, drainage water and flood water
使用最大水深 Max depth30m
泵浦 Pump構造 Structure葉輪 Impeller(不阻塞行葉輪) P型: 離心半開放式
U型: 離心開放式 U type: semi-vortex
軸封 Mech Seal雙組式機械軸封 Double Mechanical seal
軸承 Bearing深溝滾珠軸承 Ball type bearing
材質 Material上蓋 Upper CoverSUS-304
罩殼 CastingFC-200
葉輪 ImpellerFC-200
機械軸封 MsealCA/CE
馬達 Motor型式 Type油冷式 Oil cooling
級數 Pole2P  4P
絕緣 InsulatorB級 130 degree C
頻率、相數、電壓 Hz. V50Hz, 60Hz, 3, 200V, 380V
內裝保護裝置 ProtectorAC馬達保護器
材質 Material外殼 Out CoverSUS-304
主軸 Main Shaft(0.5~1HP: SUS410) SUS403
電纜線 CableVCT

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