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New Cavity Filter


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  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Based on over 25 years experience, Temwell Group established one stop service in RF Cavity Filter, supplying High specification value and large power requirement solution, such as, Bandpass Cavity Filter, Cavity Notch Filter, Highpass Cavity Filter, Lowpass Cavity Filter, Waveguide Filter, Suspended stripline Filter, Interdigital Filter, Spiral & comb filter, LC Filter and Repeater duplexer. The model includes Highpass cavity filter, Lowpass cavity filter, Bandpass cavity filter, Bandstop cavity filter, and Notch cavity filter type as your request.Our custom service cover Frequency change, Bandwidth change, Attenuation value request, SIZE change, Impedance change, connector type request, group delay request and Power request, etc, as bellow.

Specification :

Frequency band: DC to 60GHz
Bandwidth: 1MHz to 40GHz
Type: N, SMA, SMD, Needle as SMD, etc
Power: up to 200Watts.
Impedance: 50 /75 ohm

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