Taiwan Bubble Tea Ingredients Manufacturer

Company Information

Company Introduction :

Our History
From Nothing to Something, Originating from a True Heart
Back 60 years ago, there was a square table with few buckets of refreshing star fruit juices, thus started the journey of our company, embarking the persistent pursuit of the true nature juice. With decades of experiences in the markets, we are familiar with the natural tastes of fruits, so we keep on insisting to share these true tastes to the customers. By supervising in person in the farming lands to ensure the good quality of fruits, inspecting the resources of incoming materials, we have always been with extra care to the freshness of materials and cleanness of the factory, only to keep our initial promises to provide you high-quality drinks to assist you to fulfill your dream of expanding bubble tea industry.

Professional Factory
Customer as our Base, Quality as our Weapon
Taiwan is flourished with various kinds of fruits, and the origin of ancient tea-drinking culture, in the 70s, the very name of Pearl Milk Tea was invented in Taichung, by the power of media and its charisma, it had been all over the country and formed quite a trend of drink “Bubble Tea”. Besides our basis of juice manufacturing, we vertically connected with related products and now being able to produce the materials of bubble tea by our own, from manufacturing and teaching its culture, we do as an integrated chain to provide customers convenience and thorough services. Only we expect us to be humble, we hope our customers to grow with us, therefore we treat your success as our utmost pride.

Exporting Worldwide
Having your Brands Outshine Others
With the brands of bubble tea catching fire, no sooner the trend of it was spreading from Asia to the world, to adjust ourselves with the constantly-changing atmosphere, not only do we keep sowing the domestic market, but also leave no effort to expand the business from overseas, details as franchising, importing process, customs quarantine, food certificates, and related know-how are all within our reach. Not to mention to further excel in our manufacturing technique, customizing different flavors to cater to different markets is one of our great advantages as a high-end factory.

Main Products :

bubble tea store supply-
1. Concentrated Juice & Syrup
2. Popping Boba / Bursting Boba
3. Tapioca Pearl
4. Tea Leave
5. Drink Powder
6. Beverage Toppings
7. Microwave Tapioca Pearl
8. Equipment & Utensil

Other Information :

Business Nature : Manufacturer, Exporter, ODM, OEM
Company Capital : N/A
Annual Revenue : N/A
No. of Total Staff : 1 ~ 50
Current Export Markets : Worldwide
Shipment : Sea
Negotiable : Non-negotiable


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