Oriental Packing Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Custom Printed Packaging Boxes and Bags Manufacturer

No. 888, Section 3, Wuquan West Road, Taichung City, Nantun District 408, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Established in 1995, Oriental Packing Co., Ltd. initially focused on printing paper bags and later expanded to the production of various types of paper bags, tote bags, etc. In response to changes in industry trends, we expanded our business to the production of paper and gift boxes in 2002. Based on paper packaging, we combine different materials and special processing techniques to continuously improve our packaging technology.

Oriental Packing is committed to providing high-quality packaging solutions, including packaging box design and custom packaging, for our customers. We specialize in providing one-stop packaging services from design to production for the food, medical, cosmetic, and other industries. We not only provide our customers with high-quality services but also strictly control the entire production environment. We have obtained professional certificates such as ISO22000, HACCP, SEDEX, and G7, ensuring that we provide the safest and most reliable services. Our products cover various types of packaging, including paper boxes, paper bags, gift boxes, etc., to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Main Products

Oriental Packing provides packaging solutions for custom rigid boxes, round cardboard boxes, custom folding carton boxes, paper bags, custom paper shopping bags, custom paper wine bags, custom corrugated boxes, custom cardboard display stands, custom gift box, custom wine bottle boxes, etc.

Product Highlights

2 Pieces Rigid Boxes
Liquor & Wine Bags
Round Shaped Rigid Boxes
Straight/Reverse Tuck Boxes
Collapsible Rigid Boxes
Teabag Gift Box 100 Pack

Company Overview

Annual Revenue :
No. of Total Staff :
1 ~ 50
Current Export Markets :
West Europe , East Europe , North Europe , South Europe , North America , South Asia , South East Asia , Middle East Asia , Australia & Oceania , Taiwan , China , Japan , Other