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      Electrolytic Capacitors
      Electrolytic Capacitors
    Established in 1957, Yuhchang Electric Co., Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of high voltage power Capacitors, electrical apparatus Capacitors, Electrolytic Capacitors, and so forth. Now, we are the top one capacitor manufacturer in Taiwan. All of our products are exporter throughout the world, and we have earned a great reputation from customers worldwide. We are dedicated to providing high quality products with reasonable prices and excellent services. Customer satisfaction is our greatest achievements. If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact us at any time. We sincerely hope to establish a long-term cooperation relationship with you.

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  • Electrolytic Capacitors
    It have wide appplication in electronic products, such as OA machines, PDA, car Stereos, VCR, Camera, CD-ROM, notebook, computer and cell phone charger.
  • Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
    1. Chip: vertical chip type height 5.5mm / vertical chip type hwight 5.5mm 105(°C) standard/ vertical chip type height 5.5mm non-polarized. 2. Radial: small size 5mm, height 5mm / small size 5mm, 105° C standard / small size 5mm, non-polarized / small size 7mm, height 7mm/ small size 7mm, height 7mm(°C) / small size 7mm, non-polarized / general purpose standard size / general purpose standard size. 3. Axial: non-polarized / general purpose standard size. 4. Snap-in: PCB snap-in terminal type.
  • General Electronic Capacitors
    Used in communication equipments, switching power supply, etc. Safety vent construction design.
  • Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
    Types: TR series, SS series, LR series, SM series, LL series, NP series.
  • Solid Electrolyte Tanlaum Chip Capacitors
    1. Series: SR. 2. Product name: solid electrolyte tanlaum chip capacitor.
  • SMD Electrolytic Capacitors
    1. SMD Electrolytic capacitor. 2. Capacitance: 0.1uF?1000uF.
Information of Electrolytic Capacitors

An electrolytic capacitor is a type of capacitor that uses an ionic conducting liquid as one of its plates with a larger capacitance per unit volume than other types. They are often referred to in electronics usage simply as "electrolytics". They are valuable in relatively high-current and low-frequency electrical circuits. This is especially the case in power-supply filters, where they store charge needed to moderate output voltage and current fluctuations in rectifier output. They are also widely used as coupling capacitors in circuits where AC should be conducted but DC should not. Electrolytic capacitors can have a very high capacitance, allowing filters made with them to have very low corner frequencies. B2BManufactures.Com offers listing of Taiwan & China Electrolytic Capacitor manufacturers, suppliers with explicit company profiles, product categories & product images. Global buyers could send inquires online.

source: Wikipedia: the free encyclopedia

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