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      Tantalum Capacitor
    Established in 1982, Zonkas capacitors company is a professional electrolytic Capacitor manufacturers of Tantalum Capacitor, ceramic Capacitor, ceramic disc Capacitor, AC motor capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors and lighting capacitors. Now, Zonkas Electronic have specialized workshops for manufacturing CBB series CD60 capacitors. The standard workshop is purified, dustproof, constant temperature and hermetic. We keep on progress and improving, and emphasize the R&D innovation team, We keep on wishing to present best product with super quality and reasonable price and service to our customers, expecting to become your best companion.

Standard Suppliers

  • Polytrade (H.K.) Ltd.

    As a professional film & metal oxide varistor Capacitor manufacturer in China, we have set up our own automatic production lines including (1) MOV: metal oxide varistor, Zinc oxide varistors. (2) all type of Capacitor: film capacitors, polyester & polypropylene film capacitors, ceramic capacitors, ceramic disc capacitors, ceramic trimmer capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, Tantalum capacitors, temperature capacitors, multilayer chip capacitors, surface mount type capacitors. (3) relay.

    Profile : film capacitor

  • Beijing Favor Technology Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of external antenna, external antennas, contact switches, proximity switches, magnetic reed relays, sensors, nickel electrode capacitances, inductances, ferrite beads, ceramic substrates, crystal oscillators, varistors, Tantalum capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, organic polymer capacitors, FCI connectors, LED lights, wieson connector parts, GPS antennas, HDMI digital televisions, cables, SD cassettes.

    Profile : external antennas

  • Main Power Enterprise Co.,Ltd.

    Manufacturer of metallized polyester film capacitors, metallized polypropylene film, polystyrene film capacitors , ceramic disc capacitors, monolicthic ceramic capacitors, ceramic chip capacitors, aluminum electrolytic film CAP acitors.
  • Lelon Electronics Corp.

    Manufacturer of Tantalum chip capacitors, SMD aluminum electrolytic Capacitor, Tantalum dimension table, formed aluminum foils, automatic manufacturing equipment and printed circuit boards. Received by ISO 9001 certification.

Products Catalog

  • Solid Electrolyte Tanlaum Chip Capacitors
    1. Series: SR. 2. Product name: solid electrolyte tanlaum chip Capacitor.
  • Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors
    Construction: Polypropylene film dielectric with vacuum-evaporated metal electrodes, radial leads of tinned wire are electrically welded to the contact metal layer on the ends of Capacitor winding, encapsulated in reinforced flame resistant plastic case sealed with epoxy resin meeting the requirement of UL 94V-O. Application: Ideal for using in LINE-BY-PASS, Antenna coupling, Across-The-Line and (Spark killer circuit), also available of FMI filter and Switching power supply application.

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