Silver Manufacturers

  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    adhesive, glue, cement, Solder, stickum. sealant, caulk, insulation tape, damper, epoxy resin putty, magic putty, epoxy resin Paste, epoxy resin Paste, epoxy with sand, butyl rubber adhesive, butyl rubber sealant, thermoplastic rubber ( TPR ) adhesive, neoprene rubber adhesive, epoxy resin adhesive, acrylic adhesive, second generation acrylic ( SGA ) adhesive, hot melt adhesive, silicone sealant, polyolefine resin putty, silicone rubber putty, electric insulation tape, thermal insulation tape, heat- curing epoxy resin adhesive, UV- curing epoxy adhesive.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan & Mainland China Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    silver based brazing alloys, ultra alloy soldering material, silver Solder, silver brazing filler metals with free cadmium, silver alloy tube, phosphorus copper alloys, silver flux powder and Paste, silver fluxcoated rod, fuse conductivity wire, fine gold, silver, aluminum and silicon wire, soldering and brazing, welding brazing.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan & Mainland China Manufacturer & Supplier )
    (1) board testing- circuit board testers, smart in circuit test system. (2) IC testing- , pc based ic testers, logic IC tester, power management IC testers. (3) optical inspection- pre ( post ) re-flow automated optical inspection ( AOI ) system, Solder Paste inspection system.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan & Mainland China Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    Dyfenco signed a worldwide license agreement for AIM's patented lead-free alloy, electroplating tin anode. Industrial supplies, tin lead & lead free- electroplating tin anode, lead free Solder, solder Paste, Solder pastes, lead free soldering, Solder wires, no-clean liquid flux, no-clean VOC free liquid flux, Solder bars,Solder anodes.

Standard Suppliers

  • Asia General Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Asia General Electronics Co., Ltd, is a large manufacture base possessed the import & export. Manufacture of Solder Paste, soldering bar, wire, Paste, flux, radiator Solder, lamp use Solder, high pure tin ball, tin zinc, other free-lead soldering materials. It was established in 1986 and has passed ISO9002 and getten both CNAB and ANSI/RAB ISO9001 certificate. In April 2006, it also got AA grade certificate of enterprise standardization good actions.

    Profile : solder paste

  • Shenmao Technology Inc.

    The company's products include tin lead Solder Paste, lead free Solder Paste, water soluble Solder Paste, bumping Solder Paste.
  • Yik Shing Tat Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Now we are providing the world market with cored and Solder Paste, solid Solder Paste, Solder wire, Solder bar, Solder flux, soldering materials, chemical products, tin balls, alloy wires. It has passed the ISO9001 and ISO14001 international certification.

    Profile : solder paste

  • Beijing QingYun Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.

    As a hi-tech company in the fields of research, development, manufacturing and sales, manufacture of Solder Paste, TN, STN, C-STN liquid display modules, digital synchros, digital synchronous transmitter, receivers. It has passed ISO9001:2000.

    Profile : solder paste

  • Union Soltek Group.

    Manufacture of Solder Paste, UV curable Solder mask, LPI Solder mask, pb-free soler Paste, flexible PCB Solder mask, pb-free flux. It has passed TUV ISO9001 certification, ISO14001 environmental management certification, ISO/ TS16949 certification.

    Profile : solder paste

  • Shaoxing Jililai Metal Material Co., Ltd.

    We introduced an advance technology and production line from USA, specialized in production of atomized copper powder, Solder pastes, atomized copper powders, brass powders, bronze powders, copper-lead alloy powders, metal powders, double-metal plates, bearing bush, solders.

    Profile : solder paste

  • Tung Shun Tat Metal Solder Manufacturer Co., Ltd.

    Specialized in developing and manufacturing Solder products - Solder Paste, lead free Solder, lead free, Solder wire, lead free Solder bar, sn-pb Solder wire, sn-pb Solder bar, Solder Paste, lead free solser alloy sorts, types, sn-pb solser alloy sorts, types, flux. It has two companys and a factory.

    Profile : solder paste

  • Union Chemical Limited.

    we also supply various detergents, fabric softeners, and other cleaning materials, Solder Paste, Solder wire, Solder bar, flux, cleaner, water soluble liquid fluxes, flux pens, laser-cut SMT stencils, residue cleaners. It was established in 1959 and has 2 branches.

    Profile : solder paste

  • NYP Trinity Limited.

    Our company distribute a wide range of industrial product; specializing in items such as Solder Paste, Pb free Solder Paste, lead free Solder, pb free Solder wires, winding machine, blades, chopper, heat shrinkable tube, motor parts, iron powder core, sintered parts insulation, pneumatic tools. It was estblished in 1979.

    Profile : solder paste

  • Zhongya Electronic Soldering Technology Co., Ltd.

    We focus on lead-free Solder R&D, manufacture, technical support and sold-out service, lead free Solder, lead-free resin-cored Solder wires, lead-free Solder bars, lead-free Solder pastes, lead-free Solder ball, lead-free flux. It has passed ISO 9001:2000 certification of quality management system and ISO14001:2004 certification of environmental management system.

    Profile : lead free solder - lead free solder - lead free solder - lead free solder

  • Chenzhou Gold Arrow Solder Co., Ltd.

    Chenzhou Gold Arrow SolderCo.,Ltd. is specialized in R&D,manufacture and marketing of green flexible welding rod, lead free Solder, lead-free Solder wires, lead-free Solder bars, lead-free paster Solder wires, no-clean Solder wires, lead-free flux, thinner, pb residue reducer, tin balls, tin sphere. It has psaaed ISO9001 and ISO14000 certification.

    Profile : lead free solder - lead free solder - lead free solder

  • Zhuzhou Zhongjin Trade Co., Ltd.

    Wholesale and retail in metallic materials, chemical materials, lead free Solder, sodering tin rod, soldering tin wire, Solder Paste, tin ball, tin sphere, indium ingot, zinc ingot, antimony ingot, stannum ingot, bismuth ingot.

    Profile : lead free solder

  • Yuh-Cheng Metal Corp.

    The company's products including heat pipe, heat column, Solder ball, soler Paste, silver Paste. It has been ISO-9002 and QS-9000 certified.

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