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    With vast experience in Architectural Hardware, Allwin has been launched a series of high quality Contruction and Building Hardwares for market. Our products include Door and Window Hardware, Waterproof Connector, Railing Handrail Post, Door Latches, Cabinets Hinge, Bar Supports, Lock Cylinder, etc. In order to improve people’s life, ALLWIN dedicate into Architectural Hardware.

Products Catalog

  • Waterproof USB Connector
    Material 1. USB CONN 1-2. Housing : LCP UL94V-0; Color : Black 1-3. Contact : Brass 1-4. Shell : Brass 2. PARTS 2-1. Extemal Housing, PBT UL94V-o, Color, Black 2-2. Nut, PBT UL94V-0, Color, Black 2-3. Washer, PET UL94V-0, Color, Black 2-4. O-Ring, NBR
  • Waterproof M9 Circular Connector
    1. Material: 1-1. Housing:PBT UL94V-O;Color:Black 1-2. Contact A :Brass. 1-3. Contact B :Brass. 1-4. Shell:Brass. 1-5. O-Ring:NBR;Color:Black. 2. Finish: 2-1. Contact A:10 Micro Inches MIN. Gold Plating Over Nickel. 2-2. Contact B:10 Micro Inches MIN. Gold Plating Over Nickel. 2-3. Shell:Nickel Plated 60u"~100u" Over all. 3.Electrical Specification: 3-1. Rated Current:5A. 3-2. Voltage:125V 3-3. Water Proof:IPX7. 4.Environmental: 4-1. Operation Temperature:-20C~ 85C
  • Waterproof M5 Circular Connector
    1. Material: 1-1. Housing:TPU; Color:Black 1-2. Contact:Phosphor Bronze 1-3. Nut:Brass 1-4. O-Ring:NBR ; Color:Black 2. Finish: 2-1. Contact:Gold Flish Micro Inches Min. 2-2. Nut:Stain Nickel Plated. 3.Electrical Specification: 3-1. Rated Current: 1A 3-2. Rated Voltage: 60V 3-3. Water Proof: IP67 4.Environmental: 4-1.Operation Temperature: -20oC~85oC
  • Waterproof HDMI Connector
    1. Material: 1-1. Body:PBT UL94V-0; Color:Black 1-2. Plastic Ring: PBT UL94V-o; Color:Black 1-3. NUT: PBT UL94V-o; Color:Black 1-4. O-Ring: SILICONE; Color:Black 1-5. HDMI: 1-5-1 Contact A: Bronze 1-5-2 Brass 1-5-3 Housing: LCP UL94V-o; Color: Black 1-5-4 Cup: LCP UL94V-o; Color: Black 2. HDMI Finish: 2-1. Contact A:15 Micro Inches MIN. Gold Plated. Solder Area: Matte TIN. Under Plate: Nickel 2-2. Shell: Gold Flash Plated Under Plate: Nickel 3.Electrical Specification: 3-1. Rated Current:0.5A. 3-2. Voltage:40V 3-3. Water Proof:IPX8. 4.Environmental: 4-1. Operation Temperature:-200C~ 850C
  • Waterproof Din Connectors
    Material 1-1. Din 13P Conn: Housing: PBT UL94V-O Color: Black PIN: Brass Shell: Aluminum Alloy 1-3. Internal Thread: Aluminum Alloy 1-4. O-ring: NBR: Color: Black 1-5. Main Body: Aluminum Alloy 1-6. Gland: NBR; Color: Black 1-7. Gland Cage: POM 1-8. Gland Nut: Aluminum Alloy

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