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    Established in 1982, Garter has become a world-famous Circular Knitting Machine company in the bag making industry. With our rich experience and expertise, we are able to provide a variety of quality whole-plant equipment/machinery such as PP flat yarn making Machine, Circular loom, double side lamination machines, roll to roll printing press, Circular Knitting Machine, auto heat cutting & sewing m/c, inflation Machine, cement bag making machinery, PE tarpaulin equipment and so on. Due to unbeatable and durability, our machinery has been exported to East South Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa. No matter now or in the future, we will continue to bring the best products and service forward to our customers. Please contact us for more.

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    Established in 1993, Maw Chawg Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of various kinds of yarn such as elastic covering yarn, Circular Knitting Machine, conventional covering yarn, single/ double covered yarn, core twisted yarn, compound yarn, nylon PA 6 (PA 6.6), metallic covered yarns, bamboo charcoal yarns, NANO sliver fibres, recycling yarns, etc. Maw Chawg yarns are widely used in the productions of woof and chain, ex: elastic narrow, lingerie, swimwear, socks, and many kind of fabric etc, the capacity on all production lines can be easily adjusted to meet customer requests. Maw Chawg team is devoted to bring full services by utilizing production line effectively to satisfy customers' needs. Our corporate philosophy is to provide customers the best services and qualified products....

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    Taiwan Circular Knitting Machine manufacturer & supplier- Wellmade Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional of designing, manufacturing, trail run and factory superior well-experienced in Knitting machines since 1982. With a unique focus on consumer insights and market trends, our expertise and capabilities reach across a wide range of product categories, including CAM machinery, embroidery Machine, tacking machinery, Circular Knitting Machine, hosiery machines, etc. In order to upgrade the standardization of accessory, for the precise interchangeability, we computerize the whole process of design and manufacture. By the quality of international standard, we can compete with all developed countries in the world and must be your better partner. Please contact us if you are interested.
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    LKM Knitting Machinery Co.,Ltd., which works hard to enhance the utilities and productivity of Circular Knitting Machine. Besides LKM's most famous multi-function single Knitting series, we also provide double Knitting series, single knit, double knit,37 step mini jacquard Machine. Furthermore, we combined the Japanese advanced electronic technology to innovation computerized jacquard single knit Machine. We introduced the Machine firstly on ITMA international textile machinery exhibition and upgrade our position in the international market. Our belief is to design the machinery to satisfy our customer's demand. We sincerely hope to connect with our customers into a mutual profit network. Grow together, develop together and harvest together with our customers.
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    Founded in 1980, Shing Tsao Machinery specialized in industrial machinery equipment including yarn Machine, Circular Knitting Machine, fabric Machine, hot cutting Machine, twist Machine etc. Our products are of following advantages: durability, precision, delicacy, efficiency, and accurate function, so you are able to promote your market without worrying about competition. Due to our excellent quality, good management system and superior customer service, we have already enjoyed a long-lasting good reputation in this field market. We welcome your inquiries and we are at your disposal for any other information you might need. Whatever your requirements, Shing Tsao's yarn Machine and yarn winder designed to meet your needs.

Products Catalog

  • Open Width Circular Knitting Machines
    3 Open width take down feature: 1. This Machine's gearbox adopts oil lubricant, maintain easy, and abrasion uneasy. 2. This Machine can fix the size and tightness of cloth, and made increase the needle's life. 3. Using this Machine, the strip distances at the cloth's beginning and end and weight in yard can be without any difference. 4. With graduation, if can take record when producing, when the same cloth and weight in yard are produced later, it can be adjusted according to the previous record.(When cloth kind are same, using this Machine many as same adjust.) 5. This Machine pick up adjusting cloth spreading stand, can be adjust pull cloth angle, usable cloth flat, efficacious take moving rolling cloth. 6. This Machine pick up rolling cloth together, useable average...
  • Single Mini Circular Knitting Machines
    Material: pure cotton, chemical fiber, blending, real silk, artificial fur, etc.

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