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    Taiwan Circular Knitting Machine manufacturer & supplier- Wellmade Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional of designing, manufacturing, trail run and factory superior well-experienced in Knitting machines since 1982. With a unique focus on consumer insights and market trends, our expertise and capabilities reach across a wide range of product categories, including CAM machinery, embroidery Machine, tacking machinery, Circular Knitting Machine, hosiery machines, etc. In order to upgrade the standardization of accessory, for the precise interchangeability, we computerize the whole process of design and manufacture. By the quality of international standard, we can compete with all developed countries in the world and must be your better partner. Please contact us if you are interested.

Products Catalog

  • Single Mini Circular Knitting Machines
    Material: pure cotton, chemical fiber, blending, real silk, artificial fur, etc.
  • Open Width Circular Knitting Machines
    3 Open width take down feature: 1. This Machine's gearbox adopts oil lubricant, maintain easy, and abrasion uneasy. 2. This Machine can fix the size and tightness of cloth, and made increase the needle's life. 3. Using this Machine, the strip distances at the cloth's beginning and end and weight in yard can be without any difference. 4. With graduation, if can take record when producing, when the same cloth and weight in yard are produced later, it can be adjusted according to the previous record.(When cloth kind are same, using this Machine many as same adjust.) 5. This Machine pick up adjusting cloth spreading stand, can be adjust pull cloth angle, usable cloth flat, efficacious take moving rolling cloth. 6. This Machine pick up rolling cloth together, useable average...

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