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    DAH HEER INDUSTRIAL, established in 1976, Specialises in Research, Designing, Manufacturing and Sales of High Quality Crochet Machines. Creativity, Quality & Service are our GOALS. All our employees positively combine their knowledge and efforts, making it possible for DAH HEER to produce and sell Crochet Machines and Knitting Machines product for today customers looking for versality in large fields of application. Our Machines pass a very rigorous inspection of both assembly and perfect functioning before leaving our facilities. We adhere to our managements philosophy to upgrade our Knitting Machines products to help our customers to keep at the top of the market requirements and possibilities.
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    Established in 1982, Garter has become a world-famous Knitting Machines company in the bag making industry. With our rich experience and expertise, we are able to provide a variety of quality whole-plant equipment/machinery such as PP flat yarn making machine, circular loom, double side lamination Machines, roll to roll printing press, Knitting Machines, auto heat cutting & sewing m/c, inflation machine, cement bag making machinery, PE tarpaulin equipment and so on. Due to unbeatable and durability, our machinery has been exported to East South Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa. No matter now or in the future, we will continue to bring the best products and service forward to our customers. Please contact us for more.

Silver Manufacturers

  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Taiwan Knitting Machines manufacturer & supplier- Wellmade Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional of designing, manufacturing, trail run and factory superior well-experienced in Knitting Machines since 1982. With a unique focus on consumer insights and market trends, our expertise and capabilities reach across a wide range of product categories, including Jacguard Knitting Machines, embroidery machine, tacking machinery, Knitting Machines, hosiery Machines, etc. In order to upgrade the standardization of accessory, for the precise interchangeability, we computerize the whole process of design and manufacture. By the quality of international standard, we can compete with all developed countries in the world and must be your better partner. Please contact us if you are interested.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    plastic Machines ( machinery) & equipments- (1) plastic extruders ( extruded plastic Machines), plastic extrusion Machines & equipments- PVC hose extruders, PE hose extruders, PVC feeding extruders, color extruders, PU extruders, PS extruders. (2) braiding reinforced Machines & equipments- high pressure hose reinforced Machines, yarn braiding machinery, winding Machines, winders, yarn braiding machinery. (3) Knitting Machines. (4) tanks- vacuum tank Machines, spraying vacuum water tanks, vacuum cooling tanks, irregular-shaped vacuum tanks, cooling & forming tanks. (5) take up Machines- mono-wheel take-up machinery, caterpillar band take-up Machines. (6) cutters- finger-tip control panel take-up cutters. (7) winders- dual disc extruders, two-station winding collectors, dual disc winders, far-infrared...

Products Catalog

  • Knitting Machines (PF Series)
    1. Model: WS/3.0F-PF; WS/3.0F-PFFB. 2. Material: pure cotton, chemical fiber, blending, real silk, tificial fur, etc.
  • Wellknit Brand Double Knitting Machines
    1. Model: WD/2.1F- QSK4R; WD/2.4F-QA2R. 2. Material: pure cotton, chemical fiber, blending, real silk, artificial fur, etc.
  • Fully Computerized Hosiery Knitting Machines
    1. Drumpless, fully computer controlled driven by brushes servomotor. 2. Signal output via fiber optics, and a highly efficient control box with two 32 bit CPUs. 3. Equipped with an internal 3.5"cm disk drive for easier data reading and storage. 4. High-speed piezo electric ceramic actuators with eight selectors. 5. Option of up to 2 main feeds + 6 pattern feeds (16 colours). 6. Pneumatically controlled yarn fingers. 7. Variable elastic feeding, controlled by elastic stepping motor for varying course size on the same sock. 8. Automatic lubrication using microcomputer controlled oiler. 9. LCD allows the operator to easily keep track of Knitting conditions including: error messages, stop signals, production quantities, and speed. Languages available. 10. Include Chinese,...
  • Single Jersey Gauge Knitting Machines With Course
    1. Model: WS/1.3F-PRG; WS/2.0F-EDRG. 2. Material: pure cotton, chemical fiber, blending, real silk, artificial fur, etc.
  • 37 Steps Mini Jacguard Double Knitting Machines
    1. Model: WD/1.6F-SMJ~ WD/2.1F-SMJ. 2. Material: pure cotton, chemical fiber, blending, real silk, artificial fur, etc.
  • 4 Colors Auto Striper Knitting Machines
    It is controlled to produce Knitting colored stripe fabric by computer and equipped with memory when cutting-off. It is easy to change or adjust the colored stripe fabric width of internal storage through machine control. Equipped with spandex device, it can produce high-class elastic colored stripe fabric. If towel conversion kit is equipped, it can produce colored stripe towel cloth or striped velvet cloth.
  • Single Knitting Machines
    1. Model: WS/3.0F-B(BD)~ WS/3.2F-EFC(EDFC) 2. Material: pure cotton, chemical fiber, blending, real silk, artificial fur, etc.
  • Computerized Single Knit Jacquard Machines
    1. L-CMJ multi-Feeder. 2. L-CMJ single knit electronic jacquard Knitting machine is developed to upgrade the ordinary jacquard machine to improve the labour efficiency together with time saving. 3. The machine is equipped with modern computer technology and advanced dynamic drive actuator. 4. It's three positions reliable needle selection is design to compose every kind of fabric for Knitting and improved its level of production. 5. The final product of fabrics is quite alluring by using the large pattern jacquard structure Knitting process. 6. Furthermore, LKM design system is easy to operate and highly efficiency. 7. It is also comparable with other pattern programs in the world.

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