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Fully Automatic Wet Paper Towel Making Machines (Roll Type)

roll type fully automatic wet paper towel making machine

  • Model No: RF-650
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Description: from bulk materials to packagedtowels is completely automatic The simplicity and easy operation , greatly reduces labor costs and guarantees A thoroughly sanitary pruducts being completely automatic
1.The wet towel are untouched by human from start to finish, which prevents the spread of germs and contagious diseases by humen contact.
2.Guaranteeing you of a safe and soft.
3.Use in restaurant, hotel, hospital, tourist bus and train.

Specification :

RF-650 1. Packing type: roll type. 2. Product dimension (mm): 260(W)x270(L) or 180(W)x200(L)mm. 3. Folded dimension (mm): 30(W)x135(L) or 30(W)x110(L)mm. 4. Packaged dimension (mm): 38(W)x190(L) or 38(W)x110(L)mm. 5. Production rate: 100-250 bags/ min. 6. Power: 5kw, 220V, Single phase, 50/60Hz. 7. Main drive motor: 2HPlnveter speed control. 8. Wet towel material: air laid: 50-100GM/m² /non woven. 9. Air laid paper size: (W) 200-350mm x Dia1.2m. 10. Intitial paper width: 180mm-240mm. 11. Initial paper diameter: 1200mm Max. 12. Cone roll diameter 76.2mm. 13. Wrapping material: CPP, OPP, laminate, etc. 14. CPP film width: 115 mm. 15. Length: 190 or 150 mm (adjustable). 16. Thickness: 0.02-0.025 mm. 17. Cone roll diameter: 76.2 mm. 18. Machine space: 6M x 6M (In fact 4Mx5M ). 19. Machine size: (1) Rolling machine: 1500(W)x 3500(L)x 2000(H)mm. (2) Packing machine: 850(W)x 2600(L)x 1550(H)mm. (3) Conveyor: 500(W)x 2000(L)X 820(H)mm. 20. Wooden cases: A. 1000(W)x2850(L)x2200(H)mm. B. 1000(W)x2850(L)x1750(H)mm. C. 1200(W)x1300(L)x1300(H)mm.

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