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Air-Sucking Vacuum Sealer Packaging Machines

air sucking vacuum sealer packaging machine

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  • Factory Location: Taiwan
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  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. The machine can approach the product for packaging, suitable for the vacuum sealing package of large instrument,heaving goods...etc.
2. The angles of air sucking device and sealing seat are adjustable, suitable for packaging bags in different height.
3. The length of sealing bar:800mm~2000mm.
4. The length of packaging bag can be over 3000mm.
5. Easy to operate Insert the vacuum bag into air sucking device, put it flat on the sealing seat, press the start switch, auto-vacuum (N2 flushing), and sealing will be finished at one time.
6. Adopt German high vacuum pump, After vacuuming, it can prevent goods from moisture, metal from oxidation, and keep the meats and seafoods fresh.

Specification :

Specifications: 1. Machine dimension: 820(W)x1060(L)x1600(H)mm. 2. Sealing Length: 800~2000mm (The length of packaging bag:over 3000mm). 3. Power: 220V 50/60Hz(1.5Kw 2PH).

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