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Hot Products

Solar Buoy
  • Model No:
    KTS-1R, KTS-1C, KTS-1G
  • Product Description:
    KTS Solar Buoy Series
    Power saving! Cost saving!
    •No battery consumption
    •Built-in LED strobe light
    •Magnet Switch
    •Operational with existing equipment, such as ADF, calling machine, and Kato NSR-K800 GPS buoy Reception Unit
    •Smaller, compact d...
Satellite Buoy With Echo Sounder
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    KATO KT-800F/KT-800SF Satellite Buoy with Echo Sounder is specifically designed for Purse seiner to improve the productivity and efficiency of tuna fishing. It can be moored driftwood or any floating objects (FADs) and provides the real time data to ...
New Star Sel-Call Buoys
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    1. Antenna power: 3-10W.
    2. Frequency: 1605-4000KHz.
    3. Type of emission: A1A.
    4. Effective range: 220KM.
    5. Receiving sensitivity: below 5 dB.
Metal Packed Dry Cells
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    1. FT-1(24V): available for KTR-NS-100CL,KTR-68,KTR-17.
    2. FT-2(18V): available for KTR-28,KTR-18.
    3. FT-3(24V): available for KTR-20.
Fishing Finders
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    1. 6" super high resolution CRT.
    2. Depth display automatically.
    3. Water temperature display.
    4. Enlargement under the Sea.
    5. Selection of automatic depth distance.
    6. Alarm on the sea and under the sea.
    7. Small consumption of power and...
Selection Cipher Machines
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    1. Electricity saved.
    2. One fifth power of radio buoy, strict confidential, low risk of interference and stealing.
Emergency Strobe Lights
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    1. Lamp: Xenon tube.
    2. Globe color: White.
    3. Flash rate: 1 Flash every 3 seconds.
MF/HF Automatic Direction Finder
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    • Synthesized Double Superheterodyne Receiver
    • Frequency Range from 200 KHZ to 10MHZ
    • Reception Modes Selectable (AM, CW)
    • Up to 99 Memory Channels for Spot Reception