Kato Electronic Co., Ltd.

Radio Buoy, GPS Radio Buoy, Strobe Light, Para-Anchor, Tuna Long Line Products, Hook, Swivel, Etc.

NO. 26, Lane 241, Qianfu St, Chienchen Dist., Kaohsiung City 806, Taiwan

Company Introduction

We are a large marine equipment and appliance company in Taiwan with long history and high reputation. We have manufactured and marketed many kinds of marine equipment since 1974 and has responding to the needs of the society through developing various marine electronics and tools. All products are produced under strict standards of quality control, and constant research and development ensures that you are getting the latest produced with the most advanced and cost effective technologies. We have a wide range of products and models for your selection to upgrade your fishing business with the best service.

Main Products

we provide fishermen appliances, fishing equipments & supply- radio buoy, GPS radio buoy, emergency strobe warning lights, para-anchors, flash lights, fish finders, water makers, battery for radio buoy, solid battery, accessory for long line fishery, tuna hooks, snaps, locks, swivels.