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Satellite Buoy


  • Model No: KT- 800D
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

The KT-800D satellite buoy has been majorly designed for longline fishing vessels and purse seiner fleet to improve the productivity and efficiency of tuna fishing activities. It can be moored on the mainline, driftwood or any floating objects, and provides the real time date to the fishing vessels.

In addition, KT-800D satellite also can be manipulated in other industries and purposes, such as the monitoring of the sea temperature, circulation and coastline change, or even can be used for the prediction of the mud flow. We keep looking for different applications of this product and welcome any further discussion.

KT-800D buoy installed with SkyWave’s DMR-800D serieslsatM2M terminals which set the industry standard for reliable burst-massaging satellite communications with low total cost. This terminal is the latest evolution in SkyWave’s product, purpose-built to enable new applications using the new SkyWave IsatM2M and D+ networks operate over Inmarsat’s high quality international satellite constellation.

KT-800D buoy is equipped with D+ transceiver with GPS, solar panel with rechargeable battery, a temperature sensor, a powerful LED flashlight and magnetic switch.

The KT-800D reception system includes an Inmarsat MiniC, an industrial PC and reliable software interfaces under Windows which has been specially developed to process data transmitted by KT-800D buoys. Once the data received by the reception system, the information (Buoy ID, Longitude and Latitude of buoys, water temperature, remaining battery voltage, UTC time) will be displayed on the PC automatically.

The KT-800D buoy is the only one satellite buoy in the world which has installed with a radio receiving antenna and can be called by the radio calling transmitter which installed on the vessel while the distance between buoys and vessel less than 30 nautical mile. The design can save the satellite transmission fare and battery power.

There are two methods to get the information of buoys. Normally the data are forwarded the vessel by Inmarsat MiniC e-mail. If the MiniC system fails, you can use any high speed data communication equipment such as Iridium, F77, F33, Mini M to login our server in order to get information.

Specification :

DiameterMaximum 460mm Minimun 230mm
MaterialPolypropylene Copolymer
ProtocolInmarsat D+
FrequencyTX:1625.5 to 1660.5,RX:1525 to 1559 MHz
Operating Temperature-10℃~+70℃
Coverage AreaGlobal
Watertightness1 bar (10M)
Power Supply12 VDC (Solar Panel/Rechargeable Battery)

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