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Swiss Turn Lathe


  • Model No: JSL-42RB/RBY
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

*Max. turning diameter 32mm ~ 42mm.
*Max eight axes simultaneously movement (X1/Y1/Z1/X2/Y2/Z2/C1/C2).
*Sub tooling system can make eccentric drilling, milling and grooving function.
*Side drilling can be converted to end drilling (six for front & six for back).
*Rigid structure with powerful lives tools brings you stable and versatile machining performance.

Specification :

Max. turning diameter of main spindlemm3242
Max. turning diameter of sub-spindlemm3242
Max. turning length(rotating guide bushing)mm310
Max. turning length(non-guide bushing)mm105
Max. turning length(fixed bushing)mm350
Max. drilling/tapping capacity of sub spindlemmØ13 / M10
Max. drilling/tapping capacity of main spindlemmØ10 / M8
Max. cross drilling/tapping capacitymmØ10 / M6
O.D. tool holderpcs6 (口16mm) / 5 (口20mm)
I.D. tool holderpcs5 / Ø25mm
S1 cross live tool holderpcs6 (ER-16×2 & ER-20×4)
Face drills of sub-spindlepcs4848
Controlled axes (Incl. C-axis)pcs7878
Main/sub-spindle boremmØ34Ø44
Max. speed of main/sub-spindlerpm70006000
X1/Z1/Y1/X2/Z2/Y2 axis rapid traversem/min24
Max. speed of S1 cross drillingrpm4000
S1cross tooling drive motorKW1.6
S2 face tooling drive motorKW0.75
Max. speed of S2 drillrpm4000
Main spindle motorKW5.5 / 7.5
Sub spindle motorKW5.5 / 7.5
X1/Z1 axis motorKW1.4
Y1/X2/Z2 axis motorKW0.75
Y2 axis motorKWnon0.75non0.75
Coolant pump motorKW1.29
Power requiredKVA30
Lubrication oil capacityL2
Coolant tank capacityL250(100%)
Machine dimensions(L x W x H)mm3106x1690x2100

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