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Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators


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Detail Information

Description :

Quartz is a device that carries the piezoelectric characteristics. The piezoelectric characteristics of a quartz crystal is briefly explained below:
If a piezoelectric quartz crystal has electrodes plated on opposite faces and if a potential is applied between these electrodes, forces will be exerted on the bound charges within the crystal. If the crystal is properly mounted, deformations take place within the crystal, and an electromechanical system is formed which will vibrate at a resonant frequency when properly excited.

Specification :

1. Operating temperature(℃ ): -10~60 0~70 -20~+70 -40~+70 -50~+85.

2. Storage temperature(℃ ): -55~+120.

3. Aging/year (ppm): ±1~±3.

4. Frequency trim (ppm): ±1~±5/ (mechanical or electrical).

5. F-V stability: (3~5) x 10¯7(3.3V±5%, 5V±10%, 12V±10%).

6. Dimension (mm): 18.5x12x(8~10) 20.8x13.2x(8~10) 25x15x10 30x20x10

7. 40x25x15 44x27x19 50.8x50.8x18 91x56x20.

Features :

We are a quartz crystal manufacturer offering quartz crystal unit, quartz crystal filter and crystal oscillator etc. For more products information, please contact us!

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