Wai Pu Development Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Industrial Air Spray Guns Supply.

No. 42-5, San Kann Rd., San Kann Village, Wai Pu Dist., Taichung 43856, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Wai-Pu Develop Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of produce coating and equipment. The most important product is liquid coating electricity spray series, air atomization (low, middle and high) pressure spray gun and pump series. We also provide the coating production line and ambient equipment services. We will develop the coating powder product and other related equipment in the future. Our product is produced by CNC automatic machinery, in this stage; we set for 5 and 8 axis lathe machinery. Self-product rate is achieved to 80%. In the future, we will set more accurate automatic lathe machinery to improve the quality of product and standardization. Our product market path is mainly for agent, also accommodation for customers OEM or ODM product. Wish we can achieve the customer’s identification and praise.

Main Products

1. Electrostatic Spray Gun
2. Air Operated Diaphragm Pump
3. Electrostatic Dust Removal Gun
4. Air Spray Gun
5. Piston Pump
6. Internal type club gear pump
7. Assistant Air & Airless Spray Gun Series
8. Gear Pump
9. Coating Equipment Ambient Product
10. Disk Air Motor & Bell Air Motor
11. Assembly Spraying Equipment Cart
12. Automatic Coating equipment series