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Portable Air Atomization Spray Gun
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    Portable air atomization spray gun:
    1. Light weight: only 346g, workers aren't tired whole day.
    2. Professional: provide uniform atomizing effect on production line, and offer factories the best efficiency.
    3. Bore of Nozzile(mm): O0.5, O0.8,...
45:1 Air-Powered High Pressure Paint Pump
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    Uses in high presses air less spray and the solvent or paints of convey, provides the spray coating use, is the more current capacity, can support to 2-4 guns use.

    1. For shipbuilding industry painting.
    2. For steel construction i...
Portable Middle Pressure Assistant Air Spray Gun
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    1. Save the massive coatings cost, compared to the normal air spray gun can save the about 40% coating quantity.
    2. Saving the spray time also can be achieved fast spraying effect.
    3. Atomized well, to improve the shortcoming of high pressure air...
Portable Electrostatic Dust Removal Guns
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    1. Light weight: adopt POM body, so it's lighter and easier operation than traditional metal guns.
    2. High safety: plastic body features good insulation and safety.
    3. Big airflow: auxiliary air holes adopt bevel angle to increase air flow.
Portable Air Electrostatic Spray Gun
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    1. Light weight,easy operation,high safety,long durability,paint saving,Suitabel or all kinds of painting conductive workpieces.
    2. Can be more properly adjusted current as per different electric conduction of int.
    3. High voltage output design i...
Air Assistant Airless Auto Spray Gun
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    1. Lowest paints rebound can reduce the paint dust in the spray booth.
    2. Two ways assistant air orifice not only adjust the pattern width, but also could get thorough atomization effect.
    3. With medium-pressure paint pump can get good atomizatio...
3/4" Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    1. Unlike cylindrical structures, which are easily jammed by impurities in supplied air, this swing type air valve is suited for poor air supply conditions.
    2. Entire pump is easy to maintain. Parts mintenance or change are conveniently done withou...
Dry Clearance Dust Machines
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    1. Dry dust clearance design.
    2. Dust go through the first layer-the paper filter and the second layer - dust cleaning balls (which gather all the dust and release fresh and clean air).
    3. In the case of dust comprise solvent, an extra activated c...