HongDart Automation Co., Ltd.

Coating, Spraying and Painting Machine Full Line Products


Company Introduction

Founded in 1984, Hongdart endeavor to improve and develop the technology in coating equipment and automatic spraying painting machine for more than 25 years, and obtain plenty of Taiwan and China patent.

We ask ourselves to be better and product the machine with great quality and reasonable price, like Full-Bearing Auto Sprayer with servo controlled, it is suitable for surface painting of silicon rubber keys of mobile phone, TV-case, camera, laptop, toy, plastic, car parts, motorcycle parts and metal hardware.

Hongdart has marketed all over the world and won a excellent reputation of most clients.

In order to complete the service, we also provide factory layout planning, process analyse and equipment manufacturing. We do our best to offer the best product, and make it perfect.

Main Products

2. Full-Bearing Automatic Painting Machine
3. Automatic vertical eight-index painting machine (Handing type)
4. Automatic spray painting machine for helmet
5. Automatic eight-index painting machine
6. Full-automatic paint-spraying machine
7. Continuous curved face heat-transfer printing automatic molding machine
8. Conveyance electrostatic dust collector
9. Conveyance Oven
10. Clean room with positive pressure water booth manual type
11. Clean air with positive pressure filter box
12. Structure of no-pump water booth
13. Coating fluid pressure tank
14. Pressure air agitate delivery pump group
15. Air powered twin diaphragm pumps
16. Auto spray-painting line with oven
17. Oven with two trolly
18. Clear dust table
19. Air shower
20. UV Curing equipment
21. Five Axis Dispensing Automatic Machine