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Five Axis Dispensing Automatic Machine
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  • Product Description:
    Now the days the industry of lamp is diversification, we concentrate on developing the equipment of axis dispensing automatic machine.
    It can be used on requirement of automatic control, machine appropriation and so on.
    The machine enjoys well repu...
Oven With Two Trolley
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  • Product Description:
    Temperature : Room temperature~200 C.
    P+RELAY control.
    Motor overload protector.
    Over temperature protector.
    Power input display.
    Power output display.
    Timer setting for control temperature
Full-bearing Automatic Painting Machine
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  • Product Description:
    Product: Full-Bearing Automatic Painting Machine (Servo Controlled type)

    This machine is suitable for surface painting of silicon rubber keys of cellular phone, camera, audio speaker, notebook computer, PDA, toy, plastic, cosmetics, metal and har...
Air Powered Twin Diaphragm Pumps
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  • Product Description:
    This pumps is convenient for carry and easy for replacement of coating fluid, as for the fluid orfice: 3/8"
UV Curing Equipment
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    Printed substrate stack instantaneously. Your production level will now be limited only by your ability to print fast enough, not by your ability to dry!
    Stack your sheet directly off the line and eliminate costly racking, unracking oven drying and ...