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Pressure-Reduced Heel Pads For Female

pressure reduced heel pads

  • Model No: JG-238
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Features: TPR gel, which Tsung Hua uses, has even better stretch ability and softness
Gel can resist tremendous twist and friction while walking.
1. Orthotics insoles Reduce the pressure and absorb the shake of heel pads.
2. Orthotics insoles Disperse the pressure of foot.
3. Orthotics insoles Reduce the pressure of heel and make your feet healthy.
4. Prevent the injury of heel: no pressure while walking.
5. Prevent the thenar angles inside by design of wave gel.
6. Pressure-reduced heel pads for female, orthotics insoles, healthy insoles.

Specification :

1. Specification: (1) Size: free (for female). (2) Color: black. (3) Contents: TPE100%. 2. For: (1) People who stand for long time (ex: Salespeople, operator). (2) People who have the problem of pain on heel. (3) Daily care of foot.

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