Ta Ti Hsing Machinery Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Ta Ti Hsing Machinery Co., Ltd. was established by Mr. Cho in 1961, specialized in the development of soybean processing equipments and technology. Over more than 4 decades of intensive research, the company is recognized being the largest and most reputable manufacturer of soybean processing equipments in Taiwan. Our equipments are exported to more than 20 countries around the world.

•Manufacturer Golden Dragon award in 1982.
•Excellent Manufacturer award of Taoyuan City, Taiwan
in 1985.
•Excellent production award of TETDC exhibition.
•No. 1 member of Turn-Key production manufacturer
of The Taiwan Economic Affair.
•Member of Taiwan Tofu Industrial Association.
•Member of Taiwan Machinery Association.
•Member of Taoyuan Machinery Association in Taiwan.

Main Products

1. Packaged Type Soymilk & Tofu Making Machine
2. Continuous Cooker
3. Automatic Air Press
4. Pasteurizing Machines
5. Auto Washing & Soaking Tank
6. Filtration Machine & Residue Separator
7. Automatic Soymilk Extraction Plant
8. Automatic Grinder
9. Automatic Coagulating Machine
10. Accessory Equipments