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Automatic Filling & Sealing Machine
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    • Process: Automatic setting box up--filling--printing-1st sealing-photoelectric sensor adjusting sealing position-2nd sealing--cutting-output in a line.
    • Speed adjustable by Inverter, LED displays operating indications.
    • All functions display on...
Soymilk & Soy Pudding & Tofu Making Machine
  • Model No:
    TAT-60, P-TAT-60
  • Product Description:
    • Product: Soymilk & Soy Pudding & Tofu Making Machine.
    • Fully automatic operation from soaking, grinding, extraction, cooking,coagulating, filling, pressing, and forming, only one operator needed.
    • Made of stainless steel, conform to GMP...
Automatic Tofu Cutting & Cooling Conveyors
  • Model No:
    ACC- 4M、ACC- 6M
  • Product Description:
    • Product: Automatic cutting & cooling conveyor for tofu product.
    • Automatic cutting and moving avoid tofu pieces stacking and breaking. Special design also ensures good effection of cooling.
    • Under water cutting ensures the sections of tofu ...