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    • 浸沒式加熱器
    光電、半導體類用電熱管、真空科技、晶圓廠用電熱管、電鍍及化工類用液體浸沒式電熱管、橡塑膠機械及熱澆道用電熱管、熱電偶、可依客戶需求製作及設計各式電熱管、加熱元件等、本公司皆可製造扁管、方管、圓管等加熱元件。 應用範圍廣泛,包含: 橡塑膠產業、半導體產業、工業加工類(發電廠、氣化業、管路工程類、石化業、化工業、製藥業)、包裝產業、食品工業、生活科學、航太工業等。

Immersion Heater Manufacturer On B2BManufactures.Com

The immersion heater is a device which can heat a liquid installed in a tank or container. Every immersion heater combines several tubular elements and a monting attachment. B2BManufactures.Com is the most comprehensive Manufacturers Directory from Taiwan and China. It incorporates full list of Immersion Heater manufacturers and suppliers that you can fully trust. These manufacturer can supply kinds of immersion heaters according to customer's design or specific demands.

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