Vantec Thermal Technology Corp.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of computer peripheral, including CPU coolers, fans, PC air circulators, auxillary fans for pentiums, socket 7 and celeron CPU, card readers, hubs, notebook coolers, PCI host cards, power supply, rounded cables, cable sleeving kits exported worldwide since 1994.

Main Products

computer ( PC) components, peripheral & accessory ( accessories)- (1) PU coolers, multifunction panels, multi-fan controllers, fan & light controllers, USB 2.0 PCI cards, card readers, hubs, notebook ( laptop) coolers, PCI host cards, power supply ( supplies), rounded cables, cable sleeving kits, Molex connector kits, slot protector kits, vibration dampener kits, mouse pads, HDD coolers, CPU ( central process utility) cooler, CPU cooling fans, PC air circulators, auxiliary fans, VGA coolers, chipset coolers, DC fans, computer cases. (2) PC mods- UV ( ultraviolet) fans, UV cold cathode kits, UV LED fans, cold cathode light, fan cards. (3) storage- EZ swap, Nexstar.