Fulgent Electrical Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.

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Company Introduction

Company Profile:
Fulgent Electrical Wire & Cable, established since 1995, as a well-known professional cables manufacturer in worldwide, we works hand in hand with our customers.

Fulgent offer wide product range to Choose from, such as appliance for AV coaxial cables, instrument, communication, computer and construction.

We offer material with PVC, XLPE, PE, and halogen-free cables
Recipient of ISO, UL, CSA and IECQ Certificates, included AWM, CMR, CM, CL2R and PLTC cables.

We offer high-quality products with competitive price and prompt delivery.

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Faith, Trust , Customers Satisfaction

To provide the world community with the best manufactured cables by:
‧ Quality Assurance.
‧ Constantly working to improve machine and process efficiencies.
‧ Always focusing on customers' needs.

Main Products

We provide (1) wires and cables - control cables, LSFH & rubber cables, PVC insulation & sheathed control & screened computer cables, extension & compensating cables, control shield cables, instrument control cables, flat elevator control cables, flat lift power cables, steel crane control cables, thermocouple extension wire. (2) audio & video cables- Aanlog multi-pair snake & microphone cables, guitar & keyboard & speaker cables, audio & video complex cables. (3) high flex bundled RGB coaxial cables.