Shing Yu Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Shing Yu has been established since May 1969 for manufacturing automobile and motorcycle parts and components. We were also the satellite factory of China Motor Co., Ltd. and Kwang Yang Co. The capital of our company increased to 10 million in 1986 along with the growth of the business and the change of company type from limited company to share limited company. The capital of the company again increased to 15 million because of the expansion of business in 1996. We have started to manufacture military products since 1977. We successfully get the trial orders after we researched and manufactured Army vehicles fuel tank unit, dimmer switch, Tank voltage regulator unit, special dimmer switch, Navy sound powered telephone, and Air-Force radar power high tension rectified unit, etc., for the military uses. The National Defense Department awards us Qualification Certificate for these items. In order to meet the requirements of National Defense Department, our company has spent great amount of money to buy precise processing equipment and inspection instrument as well as to set up a Quality Control Inspection Room. We have also invested huge efforts to manufacture many military items successfully at our own expenses. The Navy, Army and Air Force finally signed a trial order contract with us for R&D of these military items. The National Defense Department also awarded us a Qualification Certificate for that, Corporate Synergy Development Center (CSD Center) of R.O.C. also proved our qualification through the evaluation on March 9, 1994.

Main Products

Our expertise listed as following;
1: Trailer connector/full function cable kit
2: Defense parts
3: Vehicle Electronics
4: Plastic/Precision metal parts
5: Integrated Customized Service Division (I.C.S.D.)