Inventec Corporation

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Company Profile:
Founded in 1975, Inventec has enjoyed a leading reputation in Taiwan’s electronics and technology industries. Starting out as a manufacturer of electronic calculators, Inventec has moved forward into the design and manufacturing of high-tech products such as notebooks, enterprise servers, storage products, wireless communications, network applications, consumer mobile devices, consumer electronic devices, and wireless solutions. Currently, the annual production capacity of notebooks exceeds 30 million units, over 3 million servers and 5 million smartphones. Being the biggest server ODM and one of the top 4 Notebook makers worldwide, Inventec 08’ revenue has reached 10 billion dollars with growth rate over 33%. Inventec has 3 primary groups for overall business and administrative operation. The individual business units provide full-function R&D, customer QA, engineering and customer service to meet customer requirements in personal computing, consumer electronic and commercial products.

Since its establishment, the Inventec Group has adhered to a corporate philosophy of “Innovation, Quality, and Execution”. Starting as the manufacturer for calculators and telephone sets, Inventec later built a solid foundation and global reputation in the ODM business for notebooks. Stepping into the 21st Century, Inventec has further expanded the business into mobile computing, wireless communication, consumer electronics and software development. The company has focused on fostering talent, improving profitability, and investing in the future; and has maintained a leading edge in professionalism and competitiveness. Inventec is a cutting edge technology company which designs, develops and manufactures the best e-products for commercial, individual and home customers.

Main Products

consumer electrical ( electronic, electric) products, computer & PC parts ( components) & peripherals- notebook PC ( NB, laptops), UMPCs, servers, computer software, LCD TV, enterprise computers, communications related products, storages, mobile ( cell, celluar) phones, smartphone, portable PC, multimedia ( multi media) products, network related products, PDA, USB flash drives, graphic calculators, CMOS & CCD modules, portable consumer electronics, digital cameras, electronic dictionary ( dictionaries), MP3 players, GPS, personal video recorders, electrical adaptors ( adapters), set top ( settop) boxes, handheld devices ( PND, DVB, POS, MID).