Taiwan Golden Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

We specializes in American Tyco Electronics which are Raychem & A.M.P. Our major products are heat shrink tubing and heat-shrinkable tubes with modified polyamide adhesives, insulating tapes and packing tapes, flexible flat cables, Japanese conductive fabric tapes and conductive sponge, and processing products which was applied in Electronics Industry, Tio2 nano products, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, and OPP films.

Main Products

electronic components & parts- (1) sumi tubes, longwell heat shrinkable tubes, heat shrinking sleeves, UL pet heat shrinkable tubes. (2) heat resisting insulation tubes- polyflex expandable monfilament sleeving, flexible silicone varnish fiberglass tubing, silicone rubber insulation tubing, varnished tetoron tubing, glass sleeving slicon rubber sleeving, pull tapes. (3) teflon tubes & taped, teflon sheets, chukoh FLO products. (4) EMI and RFI series- electrically conductive fabric tapes, conductive copper & aluminum ( aluminum) foil tapes, copper finger strips, Copper Tape. (5) special tapes- kapton & polyimide dobule adhesive tapes, SMD cover & PCB green tapes, LED casting tapes, highly crystalline polymer films. (6) nitto denko tapes- electronic components & packaging tapes, surface protection materials, double coated adhesive tapes, fluoro plastics products. (7) Tyco products- equipment & protection application tables, heat shrinkable cable sleeves, fiber optic fusion splice protectors. (8) AMP connectors, flexible flat cables. (9) chukoh PTFE products- spaghtti tubes, fabrics, belts, copper-clad laminates, skytop. (10) Tio2 nano products- refrigerator catalyst, catalyst air clean nets. (11) self-fusing butyl rubber tapes- rubber splicing tapes & waterproof rubber tapes, self bonding rainproof insulating tapes. (12) PTFE skived films, spiral wrapping bands. (13) DIC & Daitac double sided adhesive tapes, double sided adhesive tapes, metal foil base adhesive tapes. (14) aluminum electrolytic capacitors, OPP films. (15) teflon & raychem & ZEROHAl heat- shrinkable tube, PTFE teflon films, TNITTO DENKO, kapton, teflon and chukoh chemical teflon tapes, A.M.P connectors.