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Company Introduction

Oriental Paper Company was established on 1990. Before that we already engaged in this industry for many years. Till now we have 25 years of experience in paper and pulp industry. We handle a wide range of paper grades in Asia market. Our business areas cover Tawian, China, Southeast Asia, India and Indonesia ...etc..

Main Products

We have Machine finished and machine glazed converting papers consist of an array of widely
differing products, all of them designed for specific needs. Our base papers and substrates are individually tailored to the specific needs of individual
customers through the efforts of our experienced technical staff.

Typical applications include:
● Poly-coating
● Wax coating
● Parchmentizing
● Film Laminating
● Foil Laminating
● Phenolic Saturation
● SBR/NBR Saturating Paper

Include such materials as:

● Creped and flat tape base
● Steel and glass interleaving papers
● Saturating paper for phenolic and water based systems
● Poly coating and other specialty coating base papers

General purpose paper:

Kraft wrapping paper
Shopping bag paper
Chemical bag paper
Fodder bag paper
Multiwall bag paper
Gumming paper
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