A.R. Medicom Asia Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Welcome to Medicom! Medicom is a privately owned manufacturer of high quality dental and medical disposable supplies, along with a comprehensive line of oral healthcare & industrial protective products, such as bouffant caps, N95 particulate respirator masks, dust cone mask, non-woven sponges, gloves, cotton gauze, bandages, dental bibs, shoe covers, etc. By partnering with Medicom you have selected one of the most respected FDA and ISO 9002 certified manufacturers in the industry, recognized for the quality of service and product selection we provide. Our customer list, which includes various Fortune 500 companies, is a testimony of the position we occupy in the industry. Our clients rely on us to provide high quality and superior products designed to enhance their return on investment. Since our inception in 1988, we have rapidly grown to become an important supplier of value-priced disposable products. We have succeeded in expanding our distribution network and client base across North America and have extended our reach into many export markets around the world. Medicom CE certified manufacturing facilities and sales distribution offices now include Woudenberg in the Netherlands and Hong Kong, China. Since 1992, Medicom has been allied with Pharmascience, Canada’s fastest growing generic pharmaceutical company, which provides a strength that is defined, by our combined flexibility, innovation, speed and tenacity. Our alliance has enabled Medicom to pursue a more global strategy for the manufacturing, distribution and sale of its expanding product line. One example of diversification is our innovative Denti-Care brand of preventive oral healthcare products that includes professional in-office and home-care fluorides, periodontal and anti-cavity rinse, prophy paste and air polishing powder, along with topical anesthetics. Medicom is recognized today as one of the leading converters of non-woven and tissue materials. We hold a strong market position in the manufacturing and distribution of its products, many of which are also produced for major distribution partners worldwide and leading market brands under OEM contract. We are committed to providing our dealer network, the support needed to ensure effective sales and merchandising of Medicom products. Our objective is to consistently deliver high quality products and assist in lowering inventory levels through minimum and consistent lead times.

Main Products

1. dental & medical & veterinary products- bouffant caps, fluid impervious gowns, isolation gowns, shoe covers, all-gauze sponges, dental dams, dental instruments, tongue depressors, dental bibs, disinfectants, examination table papers, non-woven head rest covers, dental tray covers, disposable cups, drape sheets sterile, HVE suction tips, saliva ejectors, fluoride varnish, nitrile examination gloves ( powder-free, non-sterile), hand sanitizers, earloop masks, chlorhexidine gluconate oral rinse, neutral sodium fluoride gels, sterilization pouches, isopropyl alcohol, surface barriers, surgical blades, topical anesthetic gel. 2. industrial products- elastic bandages, triangular bandages, vinyl powdered gloves, latex glove, N95 particulate respirators, cone mask, dust masks ( dustmasks), pre-moistened washcloths, towels.