Zhejiang Yongkang Xinmingda Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

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Company Introduction

Yongkang Xinmingda Industry&Trade Co. Ltd. is a private enterprise specializing in researching and manufacturing electrothermal elements, household appliances.Having developed for more than ten years,we now have a large production scale,rich techincal force, a wide sales
market. The products we have developed,produced and saled are electrothermal tube, electricity chafing dish, electric cake pan, glass mug, electrothermal clothing anger, electrothermal insole, biologic refuse processor and so on, total 80 sorts. We have obtained name brand and especial recommended products of "China Hardware Scientific and Technological Products Exposition" time after time. In order to adapt to the market we developed new substituting electrothermal elements being made of new-style material-- Carbon Fiber Quartz Electrothermal Tub. The product has highly electric heat transforms efficiency, good energy-conserving performance, remarkable far infrared radiation effect, long performance life and otherwise. It is an ideal substitute of halogen electrothermal tube widly applied to heater, fan heater, bath heater, drying, desiccating and painting machinery etc. We persist the management theory "technology introductory, quality original, sincere first" which is
the base of our developing, manufacturing and saling products, and deeply impress on our staff. We are looking forward to cooperation with you.

Main Products

carbon fibre products, carbon fiber quartz electric heating tube, electrothermal tubes, electricity chafing dishes, electric cake pans, glass mugs, electrothermal clothing hangers, electrothermal insole, biologic refuse processors, carbon fiber quartz electrothermal tubes, carbon fiber heaters, carbon fiber electric heating tubes, vacuumed double-glass cups, electric clothes dryers.