Jining Glove And Sewimg Product Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

JINING GLOVE AND SEWING PRODUCT CO.,LTD was founded in 1998. With the advanced facilities and technological know-how, our factory produces a high volume of various kinds of gloves, Balaclava & and other garments. Our main products include: Ski and Snowboard Gloves, Ski protectors ,Motor glove & Balaclava , Anti-piling Fleece Gloves & windstopper glove,Leather Gloves, Biking Gloves, Fashion Gloves, Cross country gloves ,Head Bands, Scarves, Knitted Hats & other Winter Garments. Every item we produce is of consistently high quality. Depending on your specific requirements, we select from the newest high-tech raw-materials available, including: Water-Proof & Resistance Fabrics, windstopper fleece , Soft shell , Lycra, Spandex Wool, Water-Proof Breathable Leather, Thermolite Thinsulate lnsulation , Scotchlite Reflective , Armortex Kevlar, Gel,and breathable membranes or inserts such as “Porvair” “Hipora” “NexTex” “Tech-Por” and “Yuang-Tec”. Because our glove and garment products are always made with the latest high-technology raw materials, you can be assured both a comfortable fit and stylish look. Fashionable styling that stays current with emerging trends helps us earn growing high praise from customers around the world. On a functional level, our products provide excellent cold weather protection to keep you warm and are air permeable for outstanding breathability. Our products are especially suitable for Sports and Winter life and sell very well in: Germany, U.S.A., Canada, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Netherlands , Belgium, Austria, England, Switzerland, Finland, France ,Italy , Turkey, Japan, Korea, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile , Greece, Iceland, Singapore, Romania, Poland, Czech, Hungary, Russia.Our factory 70% products be exported to EUROPE. We have been working for Tchibo TCM & Alpina & Intersport order many years. Usually the minimum Order Qty is 300 Pairs per Size. Each year our factory always produce around 30,000 pairs regular stock glove at our off-season time to be sell at an reasonable cheap price when our factory is busy.

Main Products

gloves, ski and snowboard gloves, ski protectors, motor glove & balaclava, anti-piling fleece gloves & windstopper gloves, leather gloves, biking gloves, fashion gloves, cross country gloves, head bands, scarves, knitted hats & other winter garments.