Wuxi First Special-type Fiberglass Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Wuxi First Special-type Fiberglass Co., Ltd has cooperated with Donghua University as its institute director division for years. Our company is mainly engaged on producing special-type fiberglass cloth/yarn and such kind of deep-processing textile, including PTFE fibre glass fabric, Teflon construction top films, fireproof fabric, fireproof heat separating clothes, window screening, fiberglass coating textile, carbon fiber cloth, etc. We are the member enterprise of China Association of Fiberglass Industry, China Association of Organic Fluorine and Silicone Material Industry, China Association of Fireproofing Material, and China Nonwovens & Industrial Textiles Association. We have two companies as its production base in Yangtze delta: Taixin First Special-type Fiberglass Fabric Co., Ltd. and Taixin Basta Special-type Textile Co., Ltd. which have their own self-supporting import-export authority with a convenient transportationonly 45 min far from Wuxi company. Both Wuxi head office and its branch companies have passed UK ISO 9001:2000 authentication of international quality administrative system. We are the earlier ones who systematically explore, develop and produce special type fiberglass products and special type textiles, and in this field, we are the professional producer with most sorts and biggest measurement within our country. Its serial products have passed the examination of international safety and healthy prove, national fire-examine center prove, and its related products have got or nearly got international standard, the brand of "First" has noted both abroad and within our country. As the professional manufacturer of special-type fiberglass product, we take "meet demands of customer" as our goal in an effort to pursue "Novel and special" product! Our company adopts advanced equipment and produces various types of product which greatly benefit our developing high-technology and high-quality product. Our products are popular in Chinese market and many of them are exported to U.S., European countries, Southeast Asian countries and so on. With the intimate cooperation of the staff, advanced technology and scientific management, we are willing to provide the best and most effective service for our customer under the tenet of cordiality foremosts.

Main Products

carbon fiber & glassfiber products- (1) special glassfiber membrane frame materials- PTFE fibre glass fabric, high-temperature resistant gabric, wax cloth, Teflon ( PTFE) fabrics, teflon mesh conveyer belts, Teflon adhesive tapes, Teflon ( PTFE) agglutinated belt, Teflon construction top films, Teflon ( PTFE) grills, fibreglass grinding wheel patches, silicone fibre glass textile, FI fibreglass fabric, PVC coated fibreglass fabric. (2) special type firefighting and defending products- fire blankets, fireproof fabric, fireproofing-enveloping canvas, protected packing fabric, appropriative material for fireproofing roller shutter door, fireproof decoration fabric, fireproof fabric of heat radiation resisting, fireproof felt, fireproof nets & threads, curtains for smoke shield, fireproof heat separating clothes. (3) E-glass fibre insulated materials- epoxy fiberglass mesh fabric for transformer, e-glass fiber insulating cloth. (4) special-type filtering materials- filtering netlike cloth. (5) heat preserving materials- heat preserving covers, Aluminium foil fiberglass fabric. (6) fiberglass high-temperature threads/ resistant ropes/ straps, fiberglass isulating suit-pipeline. (7) fiberglass fitment material- window screening, insect screenings, high intensity polyester-fibre window screen, fiberglass adumbral cloth, fiberglass fireproof decorative tissue. (8) functional fiberglass textiles. (9) fiberglass coating fabric. (10) complex ( joint) fiberglass textile. (11) fiberglass reinforcement material. (12) fiberglass non-woven fabric. (13) environmentalist dust remove materials. (14) fiberglass yarns- ordinary fiberglass yarn, fiberglass toned yarns. (14) special other fiberglass products- high silicic-oxygen fiber products, basalt fibre products, carbon fiber fabrics, ceramic fiber product.