Hwashen Electronics Co.,LTD

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Company Introduction

HWASHEN Electronics Co,.LTD (Danyang Remote Control Antenna Factory) specializes in wireless network coverage and communication network optimization which provide one-stop solution. HWASHEN is locates in Danyang Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu province, China. It has over 20,000 square meters standard workshop. Since it's foundation. HWASHEN is always striving for indoor and outdoor wireless network coverage and optical fiber product fields.Hwashen have self-R&D. production. and logistics service abilities.

HWASHEN can provide the standardized products and also has ODM ability.

We major in

1)Base station products and solution

2)In-building distribution coverage products and solution

3)Providing OEM service according to customer's request.

4)TV antenna OEM/ODM

HWASHEN has his own core technologies and always follow the technical standards.

Our company is actively expanding global market and has a rapidly expanding global distribution network. In the world's leading communications exhibition you can see our company and in this way we can make good communication with local customers. providing them with timely, high-quality services.

Look forward to the future cooperation. Hwashen will continue strives for mobile communication field. Constant Innovation. Perseverance, win-win!

Main Products

1. Indoor distribution series- 3dB Bridge Combiners, 700~2700MHz Two/ Three/ Four-way power splitters, CDMA & GSM/ DCS & 3G coaxial cavity combiners, N/ DIN/ SMA/ BNC Connectors, 1/2 and 1/4 and 6/17 cable Connectors, Directional Couplers, Hybrid Couplers, Micro Power Splitter, Attenuators, Termination Loads, Indoor Antenna, WLAN Combiner, Parabolic Antennas, Omni Direction Antenna, RF Assembled Cables, wall/ Ceiling mounted antennas, Direction Panel Antenna, Logarithm Cycle Antenna, Point Of Interface ( POI).

2. Base station series- Base Station Splitter, Directional Couplers, Base Station Duplexer.

3. Wireless LAN series- cable assemblies, WOC Terminal panels, WOC Combiner Splitter, Wireless internet access treasure, Indoor wireless access point AP.

4. TV antenna series- Outdoor and indoor TV UHF antennas, Plug rods, Amplified PCB, AUDIO/VIDEO CABLE, TV signal distributor, F Assembled Cable, female connections, DVB-T antennas, UHF/ VHF television antenna, TV aerial.

5. MMDS series- MMDS power adapter, MMDS Parabolic antennas, MMDS down converters.

6. Satellite TV series- Satellite switching, Satellite finder, C Band LNB and LNBF, Dish antennas.