Shanghai Ruifa Thermal Spray Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Company Introduction

Shanghai Ruifa Thermal Spray Machinery Co., Ltd. (former Shanghai Thermal Spray Machinery Plant) is developed from Ruifa Spray & Electric Welding Machine Plant, the early professional thermal spray enterprise established in 1949 by Wu Jianchun, senior engineer and thermal spray expert in early China. With half a century passed, it opened the first page for Chinese thermal spray industry. At present, our company has developed nine series and more than thirty kinds of spray equipment, such as flame wire spray equipment, flame powder spray equipment, plasma spray equipment, ultrasonic spray equipment, metal spray machine, ceramic rod spray equipment, plastic spray equipment, auxiliary equipment and other thermal spray equipment.

Main Products

coating machines, flame wire spray equipments, flame powder spray equipments, plasma spray equipments, ultrasonic spray equipments, metal spray machines, ceramic rod spray equipments, plastic spray equipments, auxiliary equipments, thermal spray equipments.