Miwoo International Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Miwoo International is a Korean company in China that makes transfer-print in sublimation penetration technique that is applied and registered for patent with various patterns or colors on the narrow fabrics, synthetic leathers or non-woven fabrics, and we wish to participate in the development of new markets by working with your products. Our product ranges include shoelace, lanyards, belts, dog collars, leashes and harnesses, ribbons, hair accessories, bra straps, wristbands, webbing, etc. Till now the narrow fabrics, including webbing tapes, elastic bands, ribbons, laces, waistbands, trimmings, labels, and braces would take the logo or letters mainly on jaquard method or screen print due to the colorfastness to light, washing and rubbing. However, we have been unable to express a variety of colors and complex designs due to our technical limitations, along with not so favorable price competitiveness. In order to overcome these problems, Miwoo International has adopted transfer-print technique to resolve the diverse colors and complex designs in minimal costs with the certification from an authorized certification agency. The narrow fabrics produced under this technique is utilized for various clothing materials, shoe materials, bags, belts, military belts, seat belts, industrial belts and accessories. Our company selects the computer design system in order to develop and supply the designs to meet the customer preferences, and responds aggressively for small volume and multi-product manufacturing. We are convinced that our technology can value add your products and we wish to have your products to use the transfer-print products and technology of Miwoo International in a way to mutually benefit from our respective endeavors. The existing designs may be found at our homepage after log-in, and if you send us your own design by E-Mail we will send you the sample as soon as it arrives.

Main Products

military supply, military supplies, lanyards, shoelaces, fashion belts, webbings, ribbons, dog collars, dog leashes, straps for guitar, bra, luggage, ponytails.