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Company Introduction

Our factory was established in 1979, and we are specialized in manufacturing crimping tools, cable cutters, cable strippers, hydraulic tools, battery crimping tool, battery cable cutter, fish tape, etc. Our superior quality is guaranteed by our strict QC implemented in all production stages. Our advanced technology and strong R&D team provide you with the excellent performance and high quality you demand. Contact us for further information.

Our products:
‧Hand Crimping Tool/ Hand crimper
‧Hand Cable Cutter
‧Hydraulic Crimping Tool
‧Hydraulic Cable Cutter
‧Electric Hydraulic Pump
‧Hydraulic Knockout Punch
‧Engine Hydraulic Pump
‧Battery Powered Crimping Tool
‧Battery Powered Cable Cutter
‧Wire/ Cable Stripper
‧Fish Tape

Main Products

We are expert in the field electricians tools as followings:

Hand Tools
- Hand crimping tools
- Mechanical crimping tools
- Hand cable cutter
- Ratchet cable cutter

Hydraulic Tools
- Hydraulic crimping tools
- Hydraulic cable cutter
- Hydraulic punching tools
- Pneumatic crimping tools
- Pex pipe crimping tools (plumbing tools)

Battery Electric Tools
- Battery& Charger & Adapter
- Battery cable cutter
- Battery crimping tools
- Electric crimping tools
- Hexagonal dies
- Pre Rounding dies

- Electric/Battery hydraulic pump
- Manually operated pump
- Air hydraulic pump
- Control Valve

Special tool series
- Modular crimping tools
- Coaxial crimping tools
- Wire setting tools
- Compression crimping tools
- Tool kit
- Multi crimping tool
- Wire/Cable stripper
- Shears & Knives
- Electronics pliers
- Cable tie fastening tools
- PVC pipe cutter/wiring duct cutter
- Pipe Bender
- Fish Tape
- Portable Storage Box
- Cement filling tool
- Screwdriver & cable knives
- Bolt cutter
- Wire cutter
- Swagging Tool
- Torque Wrench
- 1000V electricians tools
- VDE electricians tools
- Tubing Tool
- Pulling grip
- Hoist and accessory