Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

In 1976, amidst a lack of capital and technology in Taiwan, Mr. Charles Lai & Mr. Tony Lin founded a hot forge factory specializing in making hand tools for the DIY market. Eight years later, many other companies had followed their lead and although the market grew quickly, quality suffered. With pricing, costs and quality nearing a state of chaos it became clear to King Tony’s founders that they needed to seek a new direction.

Mr. Lai & Mr. Lin found their new direction; making professional quality hand tools built to compete with the best in the world. They set their standards high and in the years since, have consistently exceeded the requirements of the world’s toughest standards. King Tony tools don’t just meet the DIN (German) standard and the ANSI (U.S.A.) standard, they routinely exceed them. In fact, we test every torque make to a standard 30% higher than that prescribed by DIN and our pneumatic impact tools to a 50% higher standard. That’s true commitment to quality!

To further underscore our determination to compete with the best in the world we have achieved certification with ISO on three separate standards. First, in January 1998, ISO 9002, followed by ISO 9001 and more recently we have qualified for the environmental safety standard, ISO 14001. We believe that is our responsibility to the world and we will always dedicate to reduce the harm to the earth during our manufacturing process in the future.

You might sense that King Tony Tools is about much more than a world-class tool. The ideals of King Tony’s management are fulfilled daily by our hundreds of employee’s at our branches and offices around the world. You will find King Tony Tools and its branches in: France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Mexico, U.S.A., China. Each of our local branch offices is tasked with insuring that you, our customer, are happy not just with our quality but with the experience of being a King Tony customer.

Main Products

1. Tools Storage & Tools System Sets
2. Hand Sockets and Accessories
3. Impact Socket and Accessory
4. Torque Control & Multipliers
5. Wrenches- Combination Wrench & Set, Open End Wrench, offset Ring Wrench & Set, Star Box End Wrench Sets, crowfoot Wrench, flare Nut Wrench, Swivel Head Socket Wrenches, Slugging Wrench, Heavy Duty Wrench, Speed Wrench & Set, Angled Socket Wrench & Sets, Adjustable Wrench, Pipe Wrenches, Special Purpose Wrenches, Wheel Nut Wrench, T-type Wrench, T-type Wrenches Hanger.
6. Pliers- Combination Plier, European Style Pliers, Wire Twisting Pliers, End Cutting Pliers, Stripping Pliers, Slip Joint Pliers, Groove Joint Pliers, Bent Nose Plier, Diagonal Cutting Nippers, Extra Long Nose Pliers, Circlip Pliers & Set, Insulated Pliers & Sets, Grip Pliers, Crimping Tools & Set.
7. Cutting & Sawing hand tools- Snips, Electrician Scissors, Bolt Cutter, Utility Cutters, Tube Cutter, Saws, File, Threaded Coil-Insert Repair Set.
8. Screwdriver & Hex Key & Bits.
9. Hammer and Striking Tools.
10. Workshop Handtools- Puller, Riveter & Set, Measuring Tools, Bench Vise, LED Lights, Round Magnetic Tool Holder, Special Purpose Wrench, Retractable Tool Lanyard, Damaged Screws, Nuts, Bolts Remover tools.
11. Pneumatic Powered Tools- Air Die Grinder, Air Needle Scalers, Air Hammers, Air Blow Gun & Set, Air Hose Reel, Magnetic Holder & Display & Hook.
12. Power Tool- Li-ion Cordless Impact Driver, Cordless Impact Wrench, Titanium Coated HSS Drill Bits.
13. Automotive Tools- Tool Trolley Set, Car Engine Tools, Fuel Line Pliers, Flexible/ Curved Hose Clamp Plier, Piston Ring Compressors, Diesel Injector Puller, Spark Plug Socket, Piston Ring Pliers, Valve Spring Compressor Set, Engine Series for Specific vehicle, Undercar Series, Body Repair Tools, Battery & Electrical Tools, General Maintenance Tool.
14. Bicycle Tools- Folding Hex Key Wrench.
15. Gift & Working Clothing- Leather Male Wallet, Ball-Point Pen, Briefcase, Working Glove, Work Hat, Worker Overall.
16. Pipe Tools- Pipe / Tube Cutting, Pipe Wrench, Flaring / Swaging, Bending.
17. IC Specialized Tools- Precision Pliers, Soldering & Desoldering, Tweezers, Punch Down Tools.
18. Measuring Tools- Digital Multimeter, Digital Voltage Tester, Digital Clamp Meters, Infrared Thermometer, Testing Screwdriver, Non-contact Voltage Testers.