Ferro-Carbon Ent. Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Founded in 1989, FERRO-CARBON devotes to provide most integrated cross-product solutions to our clients. Since 1999, with the introduction of the Tile Craft brand, we have successfully demonstrated to the world our expertise on manufacturing tiling tools. For the next ten years and beyond, we would like to use FECA, our new brand division, to not only inherit FERRO-CARBON’s exceptional success and reputation, but use it to accomplish more diversified product innovation and market sales.

We believe environment protection is as important as the pursuit of business growth. That is why we always enhance our competitiveness with sustainable thinking in mind. As we build our new plant, we spare no effort on green energy investment. For example, we will have solar panel, water filtering facility, rain collection system, LED interior lighting and many other energy saving and recycling plans to help us eliminate carbon footprint.

FECA continues to serve our customers with world-class service and quality assurance. Together with ISO 9001:2000, we will be certified with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18000 by 2010. Through these efforts, FERRO-CARBON expects to provide our customers with easier, safer and more competitive products. We would always make sure our customers are comfortable doing business with us because customer satisfaction is our commitment to you.

Main Products

industrial handtools- Diamond Holesaw & Universal Guide, Diamond Bits, Power Cutter, Double Rail Tile Saws, Portable Tile Saw, Bridge Saw, Grout Carbide Saw, Grout Carbide Saw Blade, Tile Stripper, Tile Cutters, Paint & Mud Mixer, Twist Mixers, Caulking Gun, Clean Bucket, Rubber Float, Grout Spreader, Notch Trowel & Brick Trowels, Tile Nippers, Hole Nipper, Mosaic Cutters, Plier, Hole Cutter & Tiling Tools, Grout Rake, Oil Glass Cutter, Spacers & Grout Saw, Scraper, Carpet Tools, Trim & Trim Cutter, Suction Cup & Knee Pad, Homeware, LED Flashlight, Shower Holder, Soap Holders, Tumbler Holder, Knife Sharpeners, etc.