LINKWELL Industry Co., LTD.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

founded since 1977, our head office is located in Taipei, Taiwan.
With years of experience and profession, Linkwell Industry has been supplying all kinds of fastening products through out the world. Linkwell have several association companies located in China, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan; including our main branch company FASTWELL which is situated in Shanghai China.
Our fasteners product range include the field for automotive, industrial, machinery, construction, special parts according to drawings as well as commercial application.
We also have our own warehouse which is available to keep inventory for just in time delivery service by contracting with customers.
Our current annual sales figure is over US 72,000,000 dollars.

Main Products

Metal Locking Nut, Hex / Square Nut, Nylon Insert Lock Nut, Flange Nut, Cap Nut
Cage Nut, Welding Nut, Knurling Nut, Tee Nut, Coupling Nut, Strut Nut, Toggle Wing Nut, Wheel Nut, Cling NUTS & Automotive NUTS Special Nut per drawing.

Hex Bolt / Cap Screw, Socket Screw , Socket Set Screw, Lag Screw, Elevator Bolt, U Bolt, Foundation Bolt, Hex Shoulder Bolt , Hex Flange Bolt, Carriage Bolt Special Bolt/Screw according to drawings.

Self Drilling Screw, Self Tapping Screw Chipboard Screw, Thread Forming Screw, Drywall Screw, Concrete Screw, Window Frame Screw, Metal Frame Screw Roofing Screw, Fencing Screw Collated Screw, Computer Screw, Confirmat Screw, Deck Screw , Distance Screw, Hanger Bolt, Eye Screw, Gypsum Board Screw, Sems Screw, Machine Screw
With All head type / Drive Type / Thread point type available.
Special packaging are also available upon customer request.

Flat Washer – Round / Square, Bonded Washer, BAZ washer, Finish Cup Washer, Flange Cup Washer, Spring Split Lock Washer, Internal/External Tooth lock Washer, Fender Washer, Nylon Washer, PVC Washer, Conical Washer, Beveled Washer , Wave Spring Washer, EPDM Bonded washer
Blind Rivet, Pop Rivet, Semi-Tubular Rivet
E-Ring, Retaining Ring
Cotter Pins, Split Pins

Hex Cap Screw, Carriage Bolt, Lag Screw, Hex Bolt, Square Bolt

K/D Fixing Screw, Confirmat Screw, Corner Connecting Screw, Joint Connector Bolt,Insert Nuts, Allen Key, Hanger Bolt, Plastic Caps, Wooden Dowel

Threaded Rod, Stud Bolt, Weld Stud, Chemical Stud, 45 Degree Cut, 2 End Threaded Stud

Full range of quality anchor products for your selection, Wedge Anchor (Cold Forged), Sleeve Anchor
Drop in Anchor, Hit Anchor, Hollow Wall Anchor , Metal/Nylon Frame Anchor
Bolt Anchor, Hammer Drive Anchor , Heavy Duty Expansion / Shell Anchor
Tie Wire Anchor, Foot Anchor , Nylon Nail/PVC Anchor , Lag Screw Anchor
Strut Nut, Rivet Nut

POLE LINE FASTENERS:Drive Screw, Drive Hook, Thimble Eye Bolt, Anchor Shackle