Centro Chino Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of anionics, cationics, nonionics and amphoterics for cold water easily soluble softener flake, chelated agent for cotton and anti-back stainning agent for jeans washing factory supplied worldwide since 1981.

Main Products

chemical products- (1) textile auxiliary, textile chemicals- sizing agents, warp sizing lubricants, after waxing & desizing agents, scouring & wetting agents, soaping & chelated dispersing agents, bleaching & bleaching auxiliaries, agent; levelers, redarders, carriers, dispersing & suspending agent, fluorescent & antiback stain agents, deformers, softeners, antistatics, fixing & soil resisting agent; water repellent agent & oil repellent agent, anti-flaming & seanitary agents. (2) surfactants products- anionics fatty acid salts, alkyl sulfonates, di-octyl sulfosuccinate, sarcosinate, naphthalene sulfonate condensates, xylene sulfonate, alkyl naphthalene sulfonate, phosphates. (3) surfactants products- cationic, mono alkyl trimethyl quaternaries, alkyl dimethyl benzyl quaternaries, dialkyl dimethyl quaternaries, picoline quaternary, fatty amido quaternaries, imidazolines. (4) surfactants products- nonionics, amine ethoxylates, polyoxyethylene alkyl ether, glycol esters, polyethylene glycol fatty acid esters, polyethylene glycol fatty acid esters, polyethylene glycol fatty acid esters, sorbitan esters, poyloxyethylene nonyl phenyl ethers, diethanolamides, monoethanolamide, amine oxides. (5) surfactants products- amphoterics, betaines, glycinate betaine (6) titanium dioxide. (7) textile finishing & softening agent. (9) defoam agent for water base paints, ink, latex, adhensives, paper and pulp industry, paint defoamer.