Son King Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of High Voltage Generators, Related Co-operation, PCB.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of high voltage generators, air ionizer (negative ion generator), ozone generator(ozone machine), air-pump design to suitable with ozone generators, photo- catalysts for air cleaners and inverter, ballast for neon light, dust-collector- home application air cleaner use and design applied to worldwide markets. Certificated of ISO 9001:2000. Earn rewards of TECO/ SAMPO of good supplier. Electronic PCB control & RF design are also available.

Main Products

electronic components & parts- (1) high voltage transformers, high voltage generator, high voltage generators, high voltage inverter, high voltage inverters, ozone generator, negative Ion generator, negative Ion generators, ozone generators, ozone purifier, ozone purifiers, photo catalysts, ozone ion generators, electric generators, power generators, electrostatic eliminators, ionizer generators. (2) automatic drain devices, air pumps, water rockets, mobile purifiers, oil or gas ignitions, neon tube ignitions, electrostatic absorptions, electronic ignition, static eliminator, static eliminators.